Our Story

Chhoti si Asha, driven by the belief that life should be both successful and meaningful, initiated “Chhoti si Asha – Jeevan ki Paribhasha.” This diverse group spans all age groups and began their purposeful journey in 2015, now striving to extend their impact further.

Recognizing that education alone can’t transform lives, Chhoti si Asha advocates for knowledge and life skills. They empower every child to discover their innate talents, emphasizing that dedication and achievable goals can change circumstances.

Chhoti si Asha focuses on upskilling individuals rather than providing short-term relief. They believe that by educating and training one child, an entire family can benefit.

Chhoti si Asha structures children’s lives, teaching time management and productivity skills. They offer morning sessions in English and Maths and evenings dedicated to sports and extracurricular activities. Renowned institutes provide training in Taekwondo, Drawing, Skating, Riffle Shooting, Computers, Dance, Phonics, and Chess.

Life skills are taught through fun and celebration, including festivals, monthly treks, birthday parties, cultural events, home visits, and picnics.

Chhoti si Asha’s goal is to groom these children comprehensively, preparing them for life’s challenges. They proudly transformed street children into stage performers during the Rang Manch 2022 Ganesh Utsav Festival.

Their aspiration is to provide infrastructure and resources, removing barriers to talent. With volunteers and sponsors, they aim to impact more lives, calling on everyone to join their mission, recognizing that together, they can make a significant difference.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Primary mission is Nurturing Skills & Igniting Future! and our teams Vision is Shaping a brighter tomorrow

We will on overall development of underprivileged and this will be carried out with different activities, for the following sector’s:

Board of Trustees

Nikita Ruparel


Vipul Panchal


Deviyani Ruparel

We have more than 250 volunteers
We have more than 250 volunteers
Our Team

Nikunj Parmar

Sargasan Centre Incharge

Praveen Patel

Sola Centre Incharge

Mukesh Singh

Varanasi Centre Incharge

Jaimin Goswami

CA handling Finance & Accounting

Ruzul Muniya

HR & Executive Assistant

Ankita Patel

Project Coordinator

Hemang Ganguly

Video Editor

Sanskruti Chaudhari

Video Editor

Our team is formed by our active volunteers who contribute and help us grow through their skills
Our team is formed by our active volunteers who contribute and help us grow through their skills
Our Teachers

Nandini Shah

Dance Teacher, All Centre

Kiran Parmar

Maths Teacher, Kudasan Centre

Roshani Bhatasana

Chess Teacher, All Centre

Bhawana Gadhvi

Art Teacher, Kudasan Centre

Ruchi Vatsal Tanna

Hindi & Yoga Teacher

Lokeshwar Singh

Sports Coach, All Centre

Niruben Patel

Hindi Teacher, Kudasan Centre

Rashmi Jain

Story Telling Teacher

Vikas Chaurasiya

Maths Teacher, Varanasi Centre

Dhudia Nilesh

Football Coach

Bhoomi Datta

English Teacher, Sargasan Centre

Ankita Patel

English & Phoenics Teacher, Kudasan Centre